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Samples of my work in computer, traditional and web media

Here you'll find some examples of my graphic and web design work using computers, traditional media such as paint and pencils and web sites I have designed and built wholly on my own. Hope you like.

My design philosophy has developed over the years in the direction you see here. I like "elegance lies in simplicity" so I strive for that. I'm influenced by Klein, Moholy-Nagy, Mondrian, Beardsley, Monet, the Ancient Egyptians, Southwest Pottery...

Soon I'll be adding some work done in Photoshop and some traditional work done in graphite and colored pencils.

The graphic, marketing and traditional media images will display in a lightbox when one of them is clicked. The web sites each open in a new window in your browser for each image clicked.

Graphic Design

A sample of work I've done with vector illustration software.

Web Design

Some websites I have built. Graphics have been done with Illustrator, Photoshop and CorelDRAW. They are in order from oldest to newest and code for the sites pretty much covers the main methods used to build sites since the late 1990's.

Marketing Design

This is some advertising work I've done since I've been in Las Vegas.

Traditional Media

These are some of the paintings I've completed since 2000. I also work in pencil, ink and colored pencil.