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Places of Interest for Design and Development

This page contains links to many sites that I rely on to keep up to date with current developments regarding the Internet and Design. I refer to it myself often.

Graphic Design

Sites that pay homage to the art of visual design worldwide.

Adobe Central - the site for all things Adobe, the makers of the most used software for design.

Smashing Magazine - design, coding, best practices, UX, UI, you name it.

How Design - by now an old timer, and respected for it, in the design world.

Communication Arts - one of the grandfathers of the industry and right up to date.

Computer Arts - I love all the stuff I get exposed to by these people.

HTML5 and CSS3

The new essential coding system for designing and building web pages.

HTML5 Doctor - everything from basic to advanced, and well taught.

HTML5 Boilerplate - pre-built framework, and a bit of a struggle to learn, but worth it.

HTML5 at W3Schools - the official site for the definition and use of the system.

CSS Tricks - a one man blog with so many ideas and answers. Well written and best practices.

Stu Nicholls CSSplay - I think this man must have started the move to CSS for everything.

Responsive Design

Now that we have tablets and smartphones, build sites that work on all sizes of screens.

Twitter Bootstrap - probably the most used framework system for web sites.

Foundation - another framework with a following. I find it better documented than Bootstrap also.

jQuery Mobile - easily build for smartphones, but it will fit many screens.

Interactive Design

Learn to make all that stuff on a web page jump around like Mark Twain's frogs.

jQuery - these folks have swept the web with their overlay code for using JavaScript.

Animate.CSS - one little CSS file that will actually rock your pages.

15 Examples - Web Expedition 18's listing of interactive inspiration.

20 More Examples - Dzineblog's listing of interactive inspiration.

SoSweet! Creative - An example of just about everything you can do with modern web design.