JG Williams

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Artwork and Design

Here you'll find links to some of my recent web sites, examples of my graphic design work and some paintings I have completed this decade. There's much more, so if you're interested please use my contact page and let me know!

My design philosophy has developed over the years in the direction you see here. I like "elegance lies in simplicity" so I strive for that. I'm influenced by Moholy-Nagy, Mondrian, Beardsley, Monet, the Ancient Egyptians...

Recent Websites

This is some of my most recent design for the web. The images link to the actual sites, so they may not work too well on a small device like a smartphone.


"Las Vegas Hospitality Association", launched 2013, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Photoshop

CSN Foundation

"College of Southern Nevada Foundation", launched 2012, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Photoshop

New JG Design

"My Current Portfolio Site", Dreamweaver and a little Photoshop. This one is responsive, so try it on your phone.


"Museum of American Comic Art", a design for use on tablets in a museum, Dreamweaver

Recent Graphic Artwork

These are some examples of my work using Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. These days I work exclusively in Illustrator, but there are still some things about Corel that are better, so I grab it for some effects when needed.


"Thorns", a design for a 9 x 12 carpet, CorelDRAW

Post-Tribal Tattoos

"Post-Tribal Tattoos", moving the tattoo art forward, Illustrator

Roast Garlic Dip

"Roast Garlic Dip", design for a recipe presentation magazine, Illustrator

Home Magazine

"Cover, Home Magazine", design for a magazine cover, Illustrator

Applied Precision Logo

"Logo, Applied Precision", logo design for a Seattle company, CorelDRAW

Beetle Nuovo

"Beetle Nuovo", just a fancy, Illustrator

Recent Work in Traditional Media

This work is largely in paint on canvas, but I also work in pencil, india ink and colored pencils. They look a little funky here, I'm still learning when it comes to indoor photography, but I'm told the original always looks better than the print.


"Bali", acrylic on canvas, 18" x 24", 2007


"Kachina", acrylic on canvas, 2' x 3', 2005

Light Jazz - Air

"Light Jazz - Air", acrylic on canvas, 3' x 3', 2006

Light Jazz - Fire

"Light Jazz - Fire", acrylic on canvas, 3' x 3', 2006

Light Jazz - Water

"Light Jazz - Water", acrylic on canvas, 3' x 3', 2007

Light Jazz - Earth

"Light Jazz - Earth", acrylic on canvas, 3' x 3', 2007


"Matize", Colored Pencil on Masonite, 12" x 16", 2009