Nevada AIDS Project is a Nevada 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to the following mission:

  • To keep research into, treatment of, and cure of HIV/AIDS an urgent local and national priority.
  • To help individuals dealing with HIV/AIDS to maintain and improve their health and independence.
  • To reduce the spread of HIV through education, prevention and advocacy.

Our Philosophy

We are working to change the culture.

We know that the spread of HIV can be stopped. We also know that those who already deal with HIV can live a full and productive life, without fear of infecting others. But, there is much to do to achieve those two results.


Our Positive Living Class teaches persons who are HIV+, and their family and/or caregivers, how to care for themselves and manage their lives in the most effective way for maintaining their personal health. See the Programs and Your Health sections for more information.

Also, our on-line Resource Guide lists the HIV related services in the greater Las Vegas region. See the Resources section for this guide.


There is still much misunderstanding concerning how the virus is spread and how transmission can be prevented.

Our HIV Hotline is a phone number where we provide help, answers and direction to resources for anyone who calls with HIV related questions.

We are also working toward advocating with local government, and local social organizations of all types, to make known to them best practices and resources for teaching HIV awareness in their diverse communities to the best effect.


We work with local Doctors and Clinics and develop and maintain funding sources for them that bring HIV research to the Las Vegas region, and also improve and expand local treatment options for the HIV positive.


We are working in several ways to discover and report the true size and nature of the HIV+ community in the Las Vegas region. We then take this information to government at all levels, and to the regional medical establishment, to work with them to develop and/or enrich programs, services and laws that effect the HIV+ community.

Our Website


This section of course lists various ways that you can help achieve the important goals listed above. And it's not just by giving money! We have ways large - and small - and that benefit the donor as well.

Suite Charity:

This section is about our Design Showroom at the World Market Center Las Vegas. If you ever thought you just couldn't afford truly fine things for your home or office, you'll find many real surprises here.


This section contains our guide to all types of HIV related resources in Clark and Nye Counties in Nevada, and Mojave County in Arizona.


Here we list and detail the programs that our funding goes to support, some within a specific time frame and some that are ongoing.

Your Health:

This section largely supports our Positive Living Course. It contains links to articles and information posted on the internet that support further understanding and implementation of concepts taught in the course.


This is our calendar. It is kept up-to-date and lists our upcoming events and fund raisers with all the pertinent details.

About NAP:

This is where you'll find all our contact and business information. There is also a section of links to the sites of those with whom we partner and work.